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    Questar Construction is a full service construction company located in Conroe, Texas, a suburb north of Houston.

    Questar specializes in metal building services for commercial, residential, industrial, barndominiums, steel erectors, and turnkey construction projects.

    Patrick Johnson, who in the past was the General Manager of Westwick Construction, created Questar Construction as an elongation of the family-owned business in 2006. He has over 20 years of construction experience and real estate development.

    Today, Questar Construction has a team of professionals committed to providing our clients with exemplary service, products, and honest prices.

    Our services

    Since then, Questar has created a team of professionals dedicated to providing our customers with excellent service, products, and fair prices.

    Commercial Buildings

    Commercial steel buildings come in many different sizes and colors and are used for a variet of purposes.

    Houston Crane Buildings

    Crane buildings are engineered steel buildings designed specifically for the crane system.

    Steel Building Erection

    We provide the best quality commercial steel building erection at the greatest price as the top company for Houston Steel Building Erection.

    Residential Metal Building

    Providing the perfect solution, we can assist home owners in their personal customization of their next steel barn building.

    Building Re-skinning

    Reskinning is the practice of stripping the exterior of aging infrastructure to help retrofit entire cities to be more efficient and beautiful.

    Questar Construction LLP can meet all of your requirements.

    Providing each client with trustworthy and quality services at a fair value, so that our clients can give their full attention on future business goals for the envisioned project.

    Questar Construction is proud to announce its’ affliation with CECO Building Systems, one of the industry’s leading metal building companies in the nation.

    We offer construction services in many different areas including Turn-Key Commercial Construction, Commercial Tenant Space Construction Build-Out and Design, Steel Frame Erection, and much more.

    serviced companies

    Post Oak Bank

    Harris County Mental Health Association

    City of Conroe

    Murco Wall

    Typhoon Texas Water Park

    Saint Francis Wolf Sanctuary

    Our depth of experience

    Retail centers, Health care facilities, Office warehouses, Metal buildings, Structural steel components, Comprehensive planned residential communities

    The Questar Goal

    To provide each client with dependable and quality services at a reasonable value. Therefore, our clients can focus their full attention on future business goals for the in-visioned project.

    Rigid Metal Buildings

    Questar is honored to announce it’s affiliation with Rigid Metal Building Systems, one of the industry’s leading metal building and stealing structure companies on the Fortune 500.

    Construction Services

    We offer construction services in many different areas including Turn-Key Commercial Construction, Commercial Tenant Space Construction Build-Out and Design, Steel Frame Erection, and much more.


    When it comes to prefabricated metal buildings, there are many variables that affect the cost of the building. Some of the variables are things such as building location, size of the building, and building codes. Other factors can include trim types, insulation, accessories, etc.

    When getting a price from a Metal Building Company, it is very concerning to receive a really low price. Chances are the building is completely bare and isn’t what you truly expected. Many companies don’t include building trim, overhead doors, or the correct IBC code for insurance and/or permitting purposes. When metal buildings only comes with framed openings, it’s left to the customer to provide the overhead doors, windows, and various other things.

    When comparing buildings, Metal Building Distributors are all usually very close on Metal Building prices. The mark-up price is generally the only difference between the two companies.

    With that said, a safe ballpark budgeting price for a Metal Building only is between $8 – $15 per square foot. That does depend on how many accessories are included, shipping distance, building location, etc. The larger the building, the less price per square foot. For instance, a 1,200 square feet building may be $10 per square foot while a 5,000 square feet building may be $6.50 per square foot.

    In all, when shopping for a metal building, you have many options. It is recommended that you find a Metal Building Distributor that also erects the building. That way, you can be assured that the building suppliers will follow through with all metal building promises.

    In the Houston and surrounding areas, most of the time building permits are required for construction. Questar Construction will help you by obtaining those construction permits. We have a network of civil engineers, mechanical engineers, architects, and structural engineers to completely design your project and obtain all applicable permitting.

    Metal Buildings are usually manufactured and delivered within 6 to 8 weeks. While the building is being manufactured, the excavation can be carried out and the concrete slab can be poured. The longest part of the Metal Building process is the design and permitting stage. The time depends on the county/city executing authority approval process.

    Pole barns are buildings with frames completely made out of wood while metal buildings are made using rigid frames. Interestingly enough, the cost of pole barns is about the same as metal buildings due to the erection labor required to construct the wood barn. However, metal buildings are much easier to assemble; quick as well. With that said, steel structures are the better choice to choose because of their longevity, durability, and warranty.

    Questar Construction provides all available accessories with each of our buildings. We provide everything from overhead doors to mezzanines to cranes. Give us a call. We will love to assist you with your metal building project.

    Why Metal Buildings IN Houston?

    When you think of metal buildings, you probably think of steel buildings. You think of a cube-like rigid structure, basically a warehouse. That is false. Steel buildings are often used for commercial warehouses. Most do have rigid lines and could be considered dull (Most. Not all).

    The most interesting part about the steel buildings industry is that metal buildings are evolving; being redesigned. Metal buildings can now incorporate glass, wood, stucco, brick, stone, etc. If you can think of it, you can basically design it using a steel building system. It is now possible to design metal buildings to be aesthetically pleasing. They can be customized to your individual taste. In fact, you most likely see steel buildings all of the time and don’t even realize they are engineered metal buildings.

    Enjoy the new generation of steel buildings where they are now aesthetically pleasing while keeping all of the advantages of a typical metal building. 

    Advantages of Metal Buildings

    Faster Construction

    As the name says, they are pre-engineered metal building kits. This means that all of the parts will be ready for assembly causing the time of construction to go down significantly which in turn saves money.

    Lower Life-Cycle Costs

    These metal building kits will not only provide you with durable steel but also superior paint warranties. Stronger materials and longer warranties will cause you less financial strain on your entire life.

    Design Flexibility

    With metal buildings now aesthetically pleasing, you don’t have to worry about planning for future expansions, or you can have your building stand out. We can help you in designing a building to meet your specific needs.

    Strength and Durability

    Remember its steel so it is meant to be durable and long lasting. Our metal building systems are built to last up to any IBC wind rating in the country. With our steel building kits, you can be certain that your building will withstand harsh weather conditions while ensuring that no termites will nest in your walls.

    Low Maintenance

    Our long warranty for structure and paint will relieve you of any maintenance for years. Our buildings don’t shift nor do our colors fade.

    Energy Efficiency

    Our metal buildings can easily be insulated with fiberglass, blown-in insulation, or even rigid board. Our paint also has a special mixture of heat reflection properties. This means that you can stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter while not having to break the bank.

    Environmentally Friendly

    Love the planet you live on? Our building systems are made out of materials that are 99% recyclable. We can about Earth and are able to enhance it with our gorgeous metal buildings while leaving a small carbon footprint.

    Cost Savings

    Altogether, as a package; fast construction, incredibly durable, carefree maintenance, and complete customization to meet your wishes—sounds like the perfect choice for your future structure and your wallet.

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    Reviews & Testimonials

    Questar is so fast and efficient. They never stop working. To add to that, they are professional and communicative.
    Miriam Brown
    Bless the folks at Questar Construction. We can't thank you enough for what ya'll have done. Our tenants are extremely happy with the spots we have to offer them. We look forward to using Questar for many more builds.
    Richard Green
    Real honest people. Gave us a decent price and kept us updated through the whole process.
    Anna Richmond
    Thank you Questar for the new metal barn! You surpassed all of our expectations. No doubt we will be referring all of our friends and family to you!
    John Stewart

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